An article I wrote for Bala recently – 7 Reasons to Love the Mercado Abastos.

“Prices here are low, with a hearty understanding of free market capitalism going on in the shifting, sliding price list that may be slightly lower (or slightly higher) than when you checked 5 minutes before.” 

It’s a blast to visit the (slightly bonkers) Mercado de Abastos but well worth your time. Check out the full article via the link below!



The 11 Best Images of the Panama Canal Centenario

I saw so many incredible images of the Panama Canal and its 100 year history of serving as the shortest route between Atlantic and Pacific, that I had to share the best ones! Check these out and click them for higher resolution.

Estrella Online canal cake

A gigantic cake in the shape of the Panama Canal locks, this was snapped by Estrella Online during the celebrations taking place near the Panama Canal.

Alfredo Jimenez Clement

A view of the U.S. development on the banks of the Panama Canal, this photo was shared by Alfredo Jimenez Clement.

Panama Canal containers from Alfredo Jimenez Clement F

Containers stacked alongside the Panama Canal as seen from a helicopter. Alfredo Jimenez Clement.

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panama restaurant review

Restaurant reviews?

I’m thinking about adding restaurant reviews to the blog.. what do you think of this idea?

panama hojaldra

Hojaldras: God of Panamanian Carbs

**Update at bottom of article**


Walking around Panama City or Colon early in the morning, you will notice that Panamanians rise early, car horns honk even more loudly, and that there is a delicious smell wafting through the air.

This smell is the scent of Panamanian breakfast, the staple of the working people of the isthmus. Whether served with huevos fritos, steak, black beans, or salchichas in tomato sauce, the one immutable constant of Panama’s most important meal of the day is a fried bread – the hojaldra. Continue reading

Photos from July 2014

5 Places in Panama I Need to Visit

I’ve been a lazy/busy chap recently and haven’t applied myself to the task of either blogging about Panama or travelling. This is terrible! To raise my enthusiasm for both I’ve decided to write about 5 places that I really want to visit here in Panama. Some of them are on the beaten path and others stray a little further but they all have their own charms. This year – let’s make these all happen.

La Miel

A land of opportunity. A honeyed land…. All these are word we use to describe an unobtainable paradise, a fleeting dream of what could be but never will be.

La Miel is that utopia.  Continue reading