Panama Photos – Bocas del Toro

God! Bocas del Toro is a ridiculously beautiful place, even its urban environments. I remember so many placid moments here, soaking up the beautiful views of the Caribbean as the sun glinted sharp on the waves. The one thing that really stands out, alongside the intense tropical light, is the colour. This place revels in its colours and hues, in a way that the sometimes grey and staid Panama City doesn’t.

Taking pictures of Bocas del Toro is fun because of that. You don’t spend time here looking for angles or contrast. Instead you are constantly searching for the next splash of green, blue or offwhite, each rainbow of a wall a different world to discover. Seriously, go and take pictures in Bocas now! Its still summer and the weather is perfect. Keep that camera at hand and stroll through Isla Colon, snapping shops and colourful bikes. Head to the Zapatillas Islands and snap a picturesque green coconut on the white sand. Experiment with colour outside of instagram filters and have a blast!

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A colourful supermarket in Bocas del Toro

A colourful hotel in Bocas del Toro.

A colourful....well everything is colourful in Bocas.

James Bloomfield


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