Panama Photos – El Chorillo, Casco Viejo

Photos of El Chorillo aren’t that common as it can be a slightly sketchy neighbourhood for roaming around in, especially if you are rocking a sweet new Nikon with the attached lensamadoodahs and flashamajig. Oh, and that cute little iPhone 4. However this neighbourhood hides some of the best opportunities for scratching the surface of life in Panama. These photos of Panama are meant to be a counterpoint to the sometimes Casco Viejo centred view of life here.

Large numbers of people live in the blocks here, with lines of clothing hung from every conceivable post or rail. A fascinating area for taking pictures of Panama, the colours and vibrancy of the area are only matched by its architectural decay. With the plan to fill in Chorillo Bay as part of the plans to redevelop the waterfront of Panama City, large swathes of the Panamanians who live here are being relocated. This has provoked strong feelings across all sectors of Panamanian society, with many residents of Chorillo divided on the effect of the development.

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An apartment block in El Chorillo, a ghetto in Panama City, as a bird flies by.


A cross in the Chorillo graveyard, with a steep hill behind.

Incredibly tasty fish dish served in the only location in El Chorillo on Google Maps. Lady who ran it was lovely.

James Bloomfield


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