Panama Photos – Isla Taboga

Isla Taboga near Panama City is a fun little day trip for Panamanians and foreigners alike, with a short trip to the island by ferry passing through the gigantic ships lining up to pass the Panama Canal. With most of the island taken up by a huge bird sanctuary, it feels like an isolated community in the middle of the Pacific. Which I suppose it is.

The island is colourful and has a small town that rises steeply up the slopes of the island, each colourful yellow or blue house creating a beautiful contrast against the verdant green of the rainforest behind it. There are a few hotels here, which normally are only half full with a sleepy air all over town. However during the Procession of The Virgin Carmen this place really wakes up apparently, which I really want to photograph. The rest of the time it is sleepy and beautiful, a real break from the hectic noise of horns in Panama City.

I have begun reading through this blog, which has a very detailed examination of a gringo’s life in Panama. Really fascinating how different the experience of very similar people can be. Have a read!

Houses in Isla Taboga.

Boys drag a boat over the spit at Isla Taboga.

David, a Capoeira practitioner, exercises on the beach.

James Bloomfield


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