Visit to Maria Chiquita – Bala Beach Development

By James Bloomfield

So, having taken a position working for Bala Beach (a developer building condos and a restaurant on the Caribbean coast of Panama), I got a chance to explore some of the surrounding town.

Panama transport

A bike in Maria Chiquita, Panama

As you can see from the above picture, the locals may not be well off but they are very keen on customising. 

This sleepy little town is on the beautiful coast road from Sabanitas (between Colon and Panama City) to Portobelo. Portobelo is famous for the Black Christ statue and the religious devotions of the people who flock to it, as well as a well preserved historic town and 16th century fortress.

While basic, the town has a sleepy charm of its own. A little discoteque fires up on the weekend and a couple of small shops join the police station, giving the place a sense of centrality that belies its modest dimensions.

The next door development of Bala Beach has decided to raise up the standard of services and amenities available to residents in Maria Chiquita, with proposed plans to help with local infrastructure and a fire station.

Caribbean Panama beaches

Trees in Maria Chiquita, at Bala Beach Resort

I’m excited to get involved and, with a potential move to the Caribbean on the cards, I could be about to take my Panama adventure in a whole new direction. More blog posts to follow detailing the developments as they come!

James Bloomfield


2 thoughts on “Visit to Maria Chiquita – Bala Beach Development

  1. So how are things going there? Seems like you don’t post a lot. lol
    Do you like the area? I am looking at buying a house there so any info
    would be great. thanks.

    • Haha, you nailed it Joe! I’m posting pretty infrequently – I’m going to get it back up and running though.

      I know that Bala Beach Resort ( is selling condos near Maria Chiquita but aside from that I don’t know a great deal about the real estate prospects down that way!

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