weather in panama

Weather in Panama – Summer

By James Bloomfield

weather in panama

Weather in Panama is beautiful.

Summer is here in Panama City! The weather in Panama is always great but summer can be a real treat. No rain and blue skies all day, with the day lacking the humidity of the rainy season. This also means you can get some serious shots of the city in the morning, with the renowned beauty spots getting pretty crowded. My suggestion? Avoid the crowd and start shooting in a less well-renowned area.

I choose to hang around for a few hours in the more urbanized areas. While pictures of Casco Viejo look great in the happy snaps album, they can get hackneyed very quickly (maybe this is just because I live in Panama and my facebook feed is saturated with them!). Get out into the urban centres and start snapping pics of something different.

My next big project is portraits of Panamanian shop and business owners. Hopefully some good snaps are incoming!

Casco Viejo UNESCO

The interior of a building in the old town, Casco Viejo.

the car-2

panama city design

Street sign in Panama City.


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