panama dance

Passing Through – Artistic Street Dancing.

dancing casco viejo

Incredible street performer in Santa Ana, Panama

I had the distinct pleasure of watching Passing Through this Saturday. These guys were amazing; a colourful, helter-skelter of motion and dance, running through and around the crowds. They were dragging this incredible beatbox around, mounted on a luggage trolley. Avenida Central stopped, from Banco Nacional to El Machetazo (“the little machete”) there was a bizarre mixture of silence, applause, dance, laughter, confusion, and Panamanians joining in!

I followed these guys for a long way and took even more pictures than I thought possible – check them out HERE at my Facebook page. They do this annually and are well worth checking out.

panama fashion

Panamanian punks

panama city calle

A crowd gathers around dancers in PTY’s Avenida Central

panama casco viejo

A man carries a horse, which has been painted to look like a cow.

plaza catedral panama

Panama street dancers line up in Plaza Catedral

panama children

Kid with a balloon.

casco antiguo plaza

Dancers whirl together in Casco Antiguo

casco viejo fun

Dancing in Ave. Central

street art panama

Get down.

James Bloomfield


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