diablo rojo pictures

The History of the Diablo – Thanks to Facebook!

Imagine you had a LOT of spare time on your hands? What would you do with it all? You could:

Begin a charity!
Start a side business!

Start collecting art!


OR, you could take pictures of buses.

diablo rojo pictures

Diablo Rojos in Panama copyright of Panama Guetto BUS 507


This Facebook page is basically an exhaustive collection of every single Diablo Rojo in Panama. They are currently collecting each one, photo by photo, but, as the diablos aren’t very safety conscious, this could be the never ending job.

Check out my photo of a diablo here, on my FB page.

The diablo rojos of Panama were originally meant to be eclipsed by the brand new Metro Buses. The Metro Bus, with air conditioning and relatively comfy seats, is a superior vehicle. However, many Panamanians are turning down the opportunity to clamber aboard due to it being fractionally more expensive than the death trap diablos! In a country where most people earn about $400 to $500 dollars a month, a couple of cents can be massive!

Regardless, check out this amazing attempt to preserve Panamanian transport culture by clicking the link below!


James Bloomfield


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