Street Photos November 2013

By James Bloomfield

urban gardening panama

Garden centre in San Francisco, Panama.

These photos were taken during a busy month for me. Helping to organize an art show, working with children in Colon for a few days, as well as a bunch of more corporate stuff, kept me on my toes. I decided to upload the photos I had taken in this period of time, as it was simpler than ever thanks to a new smartphone. I’m impressed at how well these turned out considering the tiny format. The one major thing I found to be perfect for using a smartphone was its discrete nature – no one is turning around at the monstrous gun barrel that the modern DSLR can represent.

Sign in Coco del Mar, Panama

Plants are from God, take care of them.

panama urban photography

Gas tank and crates at the back of Restaurante Jimmy’s

Deli Gourmet, Casco Viejo

A view from inside Deli Gourmet, Casco Viejo. I like this window seat during cooler days.

colon panama child poverty

A disadvantaged child in Coco Solo, Colon relaxes near one of Panama’s wealthiest enclaves – the Free Trade Zone.

Working with the kids in Coco Solo was an incredible experience. I will publish more photos very soon of these incredible sessions with the little ones in Colon – needless to say we were in expert hands with Cambio Creativo helping us out. We basically organized a photography and arts seminar with the children there, working them through a couple of very simple lesson plans. Bright, enthusiastic and capable of anything, I was amazed at how well Pastor Mikey and his assistants’, Jesus and Martin, have fared in crafting these children into far more than their circumstances would suggest. It is testament to over 10 years worth of work – a blog post I will save for another day!

Casco Viejo view down Avenida A from Calle Primera.

Casco Viejo view down Avenida A from Calle Primera.

the fish market, Santa Ana.

Pop up restaurant in a ruined building in Santa Ana, Panama.

corredor sur, Panama

A wet, reflective day in Panama City, Panama.

Cross near the Cathedral of Bella Vista, Iglesia del Carmen

Cross near one of the City’s main churches, La Iglesia del Carmen.

This cross was an unusual find in Panama City. For one thing it is BEHIND the church of La Iglesia del Carmen, tucked in a nook at the rear of a secondary car park. For another it is next to these beautiful green staircases, which curve upwards into the affluent area of La Cresta, formerly the reserve of only the wealthiest Panamanian families. La Cresta and the rear of the Church speak to an old, left behind Panama, a Panama of wealth and slight decay, where huge sums of cash and real estate perch wondrously close to walls and pavements splintered by the advance of colossal jungle trees.

Portobelo Panama tourism

Weathered wheel in the home of a local craftsman, Portobelo.

mini stickers panama

A bad day for someone, covered in stickers.

Maria Chiquita, Panama Bala Beach Resort

Bala Beach Resort, view through the upper levels of grassland.

Dogs, Coco Solo, Colon, Panama

Pastor Mikey’s dogs in Coco Solo, Colon.

Panama overcast day

Overcast day on the Caribbean coast.

The children of cambio creativo, Panama

Children’s art workshop in Coco Solo, Colon.

Traditional panama house

Traditional Panama house surrounded by modern apartment blocks.

government office panama

Government Offices in the morning sunshine, Casco Viejo, Panama.

A wrecked and overgrown trailer in Calle 72, Panama.

A wrecked and overgrown trailer in Calle 72, Panama.

Panama's Corredor Sur afternoon sun.

The afternoon sun and storm clouds look down on one of Panama’s most congested roads.

Here’s a link to December’s photo gallery too!


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