December Photos of Panama

A busy month for me with work, Ayudarte, and socializing – plus Christmas! This was my first ever Panamanian Christmas, which will appear in another blog soon. For now, enjoy the photos!

jungle in panama city

Obarrio, the business district of Panama City, still has outcrops of verdant green.

This is one of the times I realise that Panama is a city in flux, as there are still large swathes of brownfield site even in the most developed parts of the city. It’s beautiful, with all those trees and reclaimed concrete structures overgrown by ferns and grass.

Panama City Sunset

Sunset over Panama City, stretching from Costa del Este to Punta Pacifica.

F&F building in Panama City

F&F building in the heart of Panama City.

Portobelo jungle house near Maria Chiquita

A jungle house, with the Portobelo National Park directly behind, near El Pueblo Maria Chiquita.

apartments PTY panama

Strange apartments in Panama City, built on a slope.

funny sign panama

Mano dura contra las plagas!

casco viejo panama top 10

Strange sights in Casco Viejo, near the carnival float shop.

James Bloomfield ayudarte

Me handing out a piece of my art work to the lucky winner of our December Ayudarte raffle.

La Torre, Portobelo Panama restaurant

La Torre, Portobelo Panama restaurant.



4chan domo kun

Seen in San Francisco, Panama.

baby pineapples panama city

Baby pineapples, El Cangrejo.

Check out November’s best photos on this blog right here!

happy new year dog

Gabbana wearing a ridiculous hat for New Year’s.

fireworks casco viejo new years eve

Fireworks of Catedral Metropolitano, Casco Viejo, Panama.


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