New Years and Looking Back

Happy New Year to everyone who reads my blog! I hope, wherever you are in the world, that you’re planning big things for 2014 and doing all the travelling, relaxing, lovin’, and socializing that you want to do!

New years panama 2014

Cheers to 2014!

I looked back at this year and realized I had come a long, long way since the beginning of 2013! This year I –

– Set up my own company!
– Worked for a beach resort!
– Got paid to take a bunch of photography!
– Tried every Caribbean dish under the sun!
– Celebrated the anniversary of my longest ever relationship (Mariery, this is for you!)
– Set up and ran a charity for disadvantaged youngsters, holding 2 events in 2013.
– Moved into a wicked flat with super great flatmates.
– Started working out again with my brother.
– Began writing my pennilessfrompanama blog once more.
– Worked with a huge number of new clients and learnt an even longer list of lessons.
– Began to learn how to edit videos.

It has been a HUGE year for me and I must say that I love living in Panama. What a place it is – allowing me to accomplish all the things I need and want to do.

Simple resolutions this year:

– Work more on the Caribbean coast.
– Shoot videos of what I love.
– Work out to the best of my ability.

Roll on 2014 and an even more amazing 3rd year in Panama!


5 thoughts on “New Years and Looking Back

  1. YES!! More Caribbean!!! It’s been inspiring watching you grow. Keep up the great work! (Oh…and get a .com already!! Geeez… :p

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