Featured on PermanentlyPanama.com

Featured on PermanentlyPanama.com

Meet Alice.

panama blogs

She’s a friend of mine. Coronado-based, this surfer/writer chick has recently set up a website titled “Permanently Panama”, which looks pretty awesome and is encouraging me to get myself a .com for this heap of bones!

Basically, she’s a travel-happy kind of girl and likes to write about the sometimes awesome and occasionally not so awesome things about choosing to live in Panama as a foreigner. Go there and give it a read if you’re interested in the following:

– Beaches
– Surfing
– Panama listicles
– Irreverent humour
– Pictures of scantily clad young lady(ies). No, not like that. You perv!

Go give her some love as she has added me to her list of awesome blogs and one good turn requires another!


2 thoughts on “Featured on PermanentlyPanama.com

  1. Come on James, I’m only scantily clad SOME of the time! No but really, this site is gorgeous and it makes ME want to get good at taking pictures that aren’t selfies. 😉 Looking forward to seeing more!

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