January 2014 Photos of the Month

By James Bloomfield

January has been a really busy month for me, with a bunch of travel and work dominating my time. I went to Colon a couple of times, travelled to the Portobelo National Park (images to come), and walked around the city a bunch. I’m always keen to get strolling around more and my new work arrangements should allow me to do this a lot more easily – meaning more images here!

I decided to include some of my Costa Rica images in another post and keep the bulk of my January images here.

Check out the pictures below and let me know what you think!

Casco Viejo, Panama

A battered red door in Panama City’s old town, Casco Viejo.

Markets in Panama

The Mercado Publico in Casco Viejo.

panama graffiti

Graffiti on the wall of the Mercado Publico.

Casco Viejo sunset

A sunset from a new bar in Casco Viejo.

casco viejo catedral metropolitano

A glimpse of Catedral Metropolitano in the heart of Panama’s old town.

portobelo panama

A view of Maria Chiquita beach, on the Costa Arriba of Colon Province.

balboa panama

Statue of the famous explorer and mass-murdere, Balboa, on Panama’s Cinta Costera.

salsipuedesrally portodiao

PortoDiao organized this super fun event – #SalSiPuedesRally

model panama

Terrifying mannequin in PieX – the heartland of Panamanian dress up and costume buying.

graffiti panama

Ricardo Martinelli, immortalized in graffiti on Via Argentina.

reinas movie panama

Reinas, a pretty amazing movie, also has a pretty great poster.

My brother David and our friend Mike C, who runs a local cafe – Rincon Gourmet on Via Argentina.

diablo rojo panama

A Diablo Rojo drives along the Avenida de Los Martires.

panama jazz festival

Mariery and I at the Panama Jazz Festival.

panama jazz festival

Panama Jazz Festival 2014 at the Ciudad del Saber.

ciudad del saber panama

Ciudad del Saber, Panama.

Colon panama coco solo panama

Colon’s poorest outlier, Coco Solo, lies right next to the huge port of Manzanilla. Exporting billions and billions of dollars in produce, nowhere in Panama exemplifies the huge wealth gap between the rich and the poor than this area.

Calle 50 Panama

Calle 50, Panama on a beautiful day. Minus the normally insane traffic and obviously missing the symphony of horns that video could provide.

calle 50 panama

Calle 50, Panama.


Panama politics

A terrifying local politician, Tio Gabriel, has been posting these all over the city.



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