Hostel Bekuo San jose

REVIEW: Hostel Bekuo, San Jose, Costa Rica

By James Bloomfield

Fun, helpful, and really knowledgeable. All the words I can apply to Hostel Bekuo.

Our first few days in Costa Rica we had been moving around like crazy, staying with a friend just outside of San Jose in a beautiful residential block (sorry for getting your hallways wet guys!) before heading into the heart of the Costa Rican capital. We stayed one night in a small place in the bosom of San Jose for one night, catching our breath from the whirlwind schedule before making our way to the slightly more suburban retreat that is Hostel Bekuo.

Straight away we were impressed. My girlfriend loves architecture and the area, while slightly faded from its true glory days in the 60s and 70s, is filled with magnificent examples of bold Central American architecture along Bauhaus lines. Hostel Bekuo fits right in with this style, with a low profile on the crest of a small hill overlooking central San Jose.

Hostel Bekuo San jose

Inside it’s pretty funky and fun – great furniture, unique art, colorful ornaments everywhere. Alongside this there’s a kind of relaxed ambiance, something that tells you you’re home and can put your feet up. The living room areas center around a pool table and a television respectively, with a large number of guests gathered around chatting merrily. Again, all the furniture and seating is comfy and designed for living in, so you feel like you can actually sit and relax in the cool, slightly mountainous Tiko weather.

Our room was a double, as we had decided to live it up a little. It was great, aside from a curtain rail that fell on my head once. A cool, piney smell helps you relax at night and the quiet of the early evening makes this hostel a real favourite of mine. In a similar vein to a number of top tier backpacker joints in Central America, this one felt like it punched above its weight considerably.


Post it notes and large, handwritten signs everywhere tell you (in a funny and deprecating way) what the house rules are, helping to keep things civilized for the “Bekuo Family”. Their notes were pretty on point and that kind of pointed humour goes really far to helping make a traveller feel they’ve come to a no-nonsense but fun hostel.

I’d totally recommend it. A great stay and fun for our whole party. They even emailed us about some posters we had left behind and passed them on to our friends in Costa Rica. Great service with a smile from the whole crew.


One thought on “REVIEW: Hostel Bekuo, San Jose, Costa Rica

  1. Loved this place. Re-reading this article I wrote a while back has fired up my love for Costa Rica once more. Since I’m returning there in a few days for a brief border run, I’m going to make some mental notes about the whole process. Bus this time – none of that fancy flying nonsense.

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