The 11 Best Images of the Panama Canal Centenario

I saw so many incredible images of the Panama Canal and its 100 year history of serving as the shortest route between Atlantic and Pacific, that I had to share the best ones! Check these out and click them for higher resolution.

Estrella Online canal cake

A gigantic cake in the shape of the Panama Canal locks, this was snapped by Estrella Online during the celebrations taking place near the Panama Canal.

Alfredo Jimenez Clement

A view of the U.S. development on the banks of the Panama Canal, this photo was shared by Alfredo Jimenez Clement.

Panama Canal containers from Alfredo Jimenez Clement F

Containers stacked alongside the Panama Canal as seen from a helicopter. Alfredo Jimenez Clement.

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt, the determined and bellicose American President who helped finish the Canal, is immortalized in this photo of him operating this immense crane near the Panama Canal.

Gio Vellojin Dj

Getting a little perspective with this shot, as we zoom out on this shot from space shared by Gio Vellojin.

Clifford Berryman Open for Business

Famous illustration by Clifford Berryman, highlighting the instrumental role of the United States in opening the Panama Canal. Titled “Open For Business”

Jaime Justiniani omar torrijos

A photo of Omar Torrijos near the Panama Canal, just before the signing of the Torrijos-Carter treaty, shared by photographer Jaime Justiniani.

Lorenzo Robles

A worker walks along the gantry that sits atop the Canal’s vast gates, in a photo shared by Lorenzo Robles.

Canal de Panama la ruta

The ACP decided to focus on the incredible and unique achievement of engineering that is the Panama Canal, as they celebrated 100 years of their ward’s opening.

Aubrey Spaulding shared by Ela Spaulding

Ela Spaulding shared this image of her grandfather, Aubrey Spaulding, taken in 1920. His style is fantastic.

Karla for Chino Cartoon

Karla Benitez, a deservedly renowned artist in Panama, has created this stunning piece for Chino Cartoon to mark the passing of the Centenario of the Panama Canal. Diabolical!

I also saw these online and thought they were excellent videos, really illustrating the scope and scale of the Panama Canal.

This typical transit of the Panama Canal demonstrates that this is a serious piece of engineering, something that can be lost in some of the further away photo.


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