Photos from July 2014


New Years and Looking Back

Happy New Year to everyone who reads my blog! I hope, wherever you are in the world, that you’re planning big things for 2014 and doing all the travelling, relaxing, lovin’, and socializing that you want to do!

New years panama 2014

Cheers to 2014!

I looked back at this year and realized I had come a long, long way since the beginning of 2013! This year I – Continue reading

Playing with the Drones

I got to fly a quadcopter drone earlier in the week, as part of my job with Bala Beach Resort. Needless to say, this kind of perk doesn’t roll around too often so I made the most of it. Check out this really short preview vid I made in YouTube editor on behalf of the company (we’re waiting for the remainder of the drone’s aerial footage – should be cool when we get the final video!).

Steaming Panamanian Coffee

Really fun blog and they’re right about the coffee here – it may not be grown in quantity but it’s top quality!

Lingua Franca

My father was born in the beautiful city of Pereira, capital of the Department of Risaralda in the coffee lands of Colombia in South America.  Risaralda is known to have large plantations of high altitude coffee exported to all corner of the world.  Colombian coffee has a strong demand in the American market.

In the late thirties my father migrated to Panama allured by the lights of the Panama Canal.  He came to work as a carpenter, planned to earn a few buck and then return to his homeland.  He never did.  Fell in love with my mother in a place called Bugaba and planted his roots in this Central American country.

Being from a coffee producing area, he loved black coffee blended in with cigarettes.  Too much of both deteriorated his health and caused his premature death at 62.  Too young to die.  I still miss his wit and…

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weather in panama

Weather in Panama – Summer

By James Bloomfield

weather in panama

Weather in Panama is beautiful.

Summer is here in Panama City! The weather in Panama is always great but summer can be a real treat. No rain and blue skies all day, with the day lacking the humidity of the rainy season. This also means you can get some serious shots of the city in the morning, with the renowned beauty spots getting pretty crowded. My suggestion? Avoid the crowd and start shooting in a less well-renowned area. Continue reading

Panama Sunsets

So, having lived in Panama for over 18 months, I find myself back in the original apartment block I began my adventure in.

Edificio San Expedito may not have changed much but the area surrounding it has. The streets were a little rough, with some places off bounds to foreigners who valued their wallets and their valuables. Now, children play in the streets in a mixture of local football shirts and FC Barcelona shorts, while the elders gather on the balconies and shout greetings to people passing by. 

panama old town

Sunset from a Panama window

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