December Photos of Panama

A busy month for me with work, Ayudarte, and socializing – plus Christmas! This was my first ever Panamanian Christmas, which will appear in another blog soon. For now, enjoy the photos!

jungle in panama city

Obarrio, the business district of Panama City, still has outcrops of verdant green.

This is one of the times I realise that Panama is a city in flux, as there are still large swathes of brownfield site even in the most developed parts of the city. It’s beautiful, with all those trees and reclaimed concrete structures overgrown by ferns and grass.

Panama City Sunset

Sunset over Panama City, stretching from Costa del Este to Punta Pacifica.

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Germany Loves Panama


Apparently I get a silly amount of traffic from Germany, followed closely by Panama and the UK. Not really a surprise as I have spent a fair amount of time in all of those countries!

Meanwhile the above picture is of the Bala Beach resort, the first of its kind on the Caribbean coast of Panama. Beforehand there had only been the tropical playground of Bocas del Toro. It looks pretty snazzy and is partially complete – the picture I took was for their corporate website. Can’t wait to see it finished and grab a room. Oh, and Beach facing restaurant? heck yes!


James Bloomfield

Perfect Panama: Bocas del Toro

One of my favourite parts of Panama by a long way is Bocas del Toro. A broad mixture of Caribbean cool, crazy dudes surfing in Panama and madly vibrant colours, the activity and buzz here is massive considering its meant to be ‘the most relaxed place in Panama’.

The best thing about Bocas del Toro is the proximity of everything to each other. Want to visit a cool bar on another island? Hop in a water taxi for 5 minutes. Heard of a great restaurant? Walk 50metres into town. Want to go scuba diving? Every other person in town has equipment!

This is a standard waterfront view. THIS is the STANDARD waterfront view. THIS IS THE STANDARD WATERFRONT VIEW.

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