Costa Rica Photos from My Last Trip

By James Bloomfield

I’m heading to Costa Rica on Thursday for a short border run/friend’s wedding/insane photo trip and remembered that I had never posted any photos of my first short trip to San Jose. Enjoy the snapshot into Avenida Central circa 2011!

avenida central san jose

An old man in Avenida Central, San Jose, Costa Rica. He painted these tiny little pictures and, when I asked him if it was ok to snap a shot of him, he wished me luck. “Suerte”

avenida central san jose

Newspaper vendors in San Jose, Costa Rica. They were great fun – I’ve unfortunately lost all my other photos of them!

costa rica san jose

A street in San Jose, Costa Rica.

avenida central costa rica

A man pulling a loaded cart in San Jose, Costa Rica.

avenida central san jose

A man pushes a barrel with meats hanging from it. An odd sight.

graffiti costa rica

Graffiti in the suburbs of San Jose, Costa Rica. Lots of cool graffiti here.

buildings san jose costa rica

A building in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Panama Canal expansion

Impressions of Panama

I just whipped up a quick slideshow of some of my black and white images taken over the last couple of months. I love Panama, whether it is city or town, mountain or field. I hope that comes across in this short vid.

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