January 2014 Photos of the Month

By James Bloomfield

January has been a really busy month for me, with a bunch of travel and work dominating my time. I went to Colon a couple of times, travelled to the Portobelo National Park (images to come), and walked around the city a bunch. I’m always keen to get strolling around more and my new work arrangements should allow me to do this a lot more easily – meaning more images here!

I decided to include some of my Costa Rica images in another post and keep the bulk of my January images here.

Check out the pictures below and let me know what you think!

Casco Viejo, Panama

A battered red door in Panama City’s old town, Casco Viejo.

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Panama Sunsets

So, having lived in Panama for over 18 months, I find myself back in the original apartment block I began my adventure in.

Edificio San Expedito may not have changed much but the area surrounding it has. The streets were a little rough, with some places off bounds to foreigners who valued their wallets and their valuables. Now, children play in the streets in a mixture of local football shirts and FC Barcelona shorts, while the elders gather on the balconies and shout greetings to people passing by. 

panama old town

Sunset from a Panama window

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Panama Photos – Isla Taboga

Isla Taboga near Panama City is a fun little day trip for Panamanians and foreigners alike, with a short trip to the island by ferry passing through the gigantic ships lining up to pass the Panama Canal. With most of the island taken up by a huge bird sanctuary, it feels like an isolated community in the middle of the Pacific. Which I suppose it is.

The island is colourful and has a small town that rises steeply up the slopes of the island, each colourful yellow or blue house creating a beautiful contrast against the verdant green of the rainforest behind it. There are a few hotels here, which normally are only half full with a sleepy air all over town. However during the Procession of The Virgin Carmen this place really wakes up apparently, which I really want to photograph. The rest of the time it is sleepy and beautiful, a real break from the hectic noise of horns in Panama City.

I have begun reading through this blog, which has a very detailed examination of a gringo’s life in Panama. Really fascinating how different the experience of very similar people can be. Have a read!

Houses in Isla Taboga.

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Panama Photos – Penniless Galleries


A small and regularly updated gallery of my photos, taken whilst living in Panama. Check them out for more pictures of this beautiful country! Also more information on Bocas del Toro, what to do and where to see in the beautiful Caribbean Archipelago!

Cars in Panama City's Paitilla Circle.

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PennilessfromPanama is back!

An extraordinarily long hiatus! Apologies but I just got sucked into the culture of Panama, its ups and downs, as well as travelling all over. Various jobs and my photography have dominated the last few months, but now I’m back in a big way.

No longer based in Casco Viejo, the old quarter of Panama City, I am instead living in the very heart of town. My neighbourhood is called Obarrio although I once had my heart set on living in El Cangrejo (the Crab)for comedy value!